“Augmented REALITY, Mixed REALITY and Virtual REALITY technologies, have evolved from an interesting curiosity to, today, where they are accepted as practical and possible solutions to several communication problems.  IMERSIA sees these technologies as precursors to a revolution which will see mobile REALITY platforms define how we use mobile devices to communicate, interact and experience the worlds around us.”


IMERSIA sees the dawn of an era where mobile devices and applications will provide access to images, sounds and information in a way that enhances the users experience of their environment.

We hear scientist talk about “Parallel Universes” yet it is hard to imagine how to experience them. IMERSIA provides the virtual Parallel Universe and the tools for information and content providers to inhabit it.

IMERSIA also gives users a portal to enter this realm and interact with the information and content that it contains. IMERSIA’s REALITY Virtual Parallel Universe, recognizes the user and can understand where they are, their habits and desires, granting them access to a wide range of experiences, which are relevant to them personally. 

The devices that give users this capability are location enabled, mobile and personal, whether they are smart phones, tablets, or HUDS (heads up displays), these devices can superimpose on the real-world view, the dynamic content of the Parallel Universe, and provide a means to interact with it and others in it.

While users in the real-world are swamped with email, txt, and social media websites, the IMERSIA REALITY Virtual Parallel Universe provides an intuitive and immediate 3D space in which to explore, interact with and share experiences.

IMERSIA’s objective is to lead this revolution, to establish our technology as the de-facto standard and to support all major mobile technologies, such as Google’s Tango, Magic Leap, Microsoft’s HoloLens and others.

We are creating a world where human experience is limited only by our imaginations.