Jon Lowther


Jon’s entrepreneurial experience has spanned across SE Asia, China and the United States. Touchstones have been across networks, gaming, logistics, security and entertainment. Imersia in many ways represents an amalgam of capabilities and themes expressed within an innovative AI ecosystem supporting a new definition of network and place based user experience.

Jon’s interest in cognitive psychology is entwined with Dr Roy Davies skillset in cognitive science, supporting a unique vision for humanity, best expressed as the dawn of a new experiential economy. Jon’s vision is ‘human and heart’ anchored, a vision for a new breed of connectivity tissue that will entwine, embrace and protect humanity. Imersia is the safe harbour for all things we value and share.


Dr Roy Davies


Dr Roy Davies is a pioneer in the Mixed Reality field, with a career spanning 25 years in both academia and industry. This began in the early days of Virtual Reality bringing together Computer Science and Cognitive Science around usability in brain injury rehabilitation and participatory design at the University of Lund in southern Sweden. From there, he established the Flexible Reality Centre which is still in operation today. Moving to New Zealand, Dr. Davies helped create an initiative by the government to foster industry and academic growth in 3D visualisation embodied in a company called Nextspace. However, these experiences did nothing to prepare him for the rigours of cofounding a Technology startup – Imersia, but did furnish him with deep insight into new ‘Reality’ technologies that will be entering mainstream about now and a desire to create ‘Calm Technologies’.


Kat Hawkes


New Zealand born Kat Hawkes brings a unique flavor of European and American smarts to our creative and commercial directorate. Equipped with a BA in Russian language, literature, film and art from SSEES, London University, she embarked on a voyage to Russia, landing with Bates, Saatchi & Saatchi. She then captained her own agency for 5 years, Karlo Rossi Promotions, creating large-scale marketing campaigns with thousands of staff, supporting live events and commercials for Fortune 500 Companies across the Russian Federation.

Kat moved out to LA in 2002 to co – produce (behind and in front of camera) a series of Hollywood movies and video games before joining Imersia late 2016. Kat’s vibrancy and energy has become a key calling card with regard to Imersia’s global presence.


John Corey


An innovator and entrepreneur, John Corey has been an advisor to both industry and government on a range of topics including; R&D tax credits, high-tech education for young people, funding for research science and technology, and intellectual property policy. He has held positions as Director
of the Centre for Software Innovation at the University of Auckland, and as Managing Director of SLAB DSP (Now Phitek) as well as Strategic Planning Manager for Clear Communications. He holds a Masters in Commercialization and Entrepreneurship from the University of Auckland.

John is currently a trustee of the High Tech Youth Network trust, actively working with their management in developing innovative programs to attract young people throughout the Pacific, to technology.


Quinn Nahi


Ngapuhi, Ngati Whatua, Ngati Porou, Ngai Tahu Iwi Native Tech Warrior.

Executive, Founding Member of the Digital Māori Forum, Planet Māori.

Quinn’s 16 years’ experience in the ICT sector began with a CompTIA A+ certification, he is the first Māori trained in Aotearoa with the International Fibre Optic Association as a “Certified Fibre Optic Technician”. Previous key roles have included negotiating with the major Telco players in the New Zealand market on a day to day basis, and consulting to start-up Internet Service Providers for Wholesale and Telecommunications Infrastructure, and Systems Integration.

Quinn is a natural connector and is passionate about getting the Māori Technology and Innovation sector recognised as a global indigenous leader. Significant economic growth of the sector/organisations and improved economic wellbeing for Māori (Whānau, Hapu, Iwi). Quinn leverages innovative tech such as AI, AR/VR/MR content and platform delivery. Key drivers are “Tika” and “Kaupapa Māori” in conjunction with developing and sustaining “Digital Sovereignty” along with identifying opportunities of benefit for the Māori economy and community including “Social Enterprise” and “Digital Story Telling”.


Grant Newman


Grant Newman has had a diverse career spanning over 30 years as a Director, Producer and Manager in the television and online industries in New Zealand, China and the UK.

An early technology adopter he has always looked to new and innovative ways to allow people to tell their stories. Working at the forefront of the burgeoning internet wave he produced the first “netcast” in New Zealand, of Dave Dobbyn, in 1997.

In the past few years Grant has focussed on overseeing the delivery of media content and services, and ensuring the business operations are running as well as it possibly can.