Imersia is your Mobile Digital Strategy partner. Founded on considerable experience in the pioneering days of Virtual and Augmented Reality, consolidated with half a decade of cutting edge client work, the team at Imersia knows how to make Mixed Reality highly compelling. We say 'being there matters'. Location and context are vital in reaching people with the right message at the right time. In our experience, Mixed Reality, as the core of a Mobile Digital Strategy, noticeably affects people's behaviour in favour of a brand, and in purchase preference. Engage with us to reach people through the devices they interact with most often; their mobile phones.

products and services

The Imersia Mixed Reality Server allows anyone to create complex simulations and games in the real world that can be experienced through mobile devices, WebApps and Websites. Get started with the free Community Edition, then upgrade when you are ready to go Commercial. Don't want to host your own MRServer? We can provide an MRServer as a service, or provide support for creating and managing your own. We have great experience using this platform for creating all manner of innovations in Digital Mobile Technologies and Mixed Reality, here are some examples:
mixed reality
Imersia leverages its own multi-user, Mixed Reality engine to synchronise experiences in a place, thus engaging many people at the same time through their mobile phones. Choose between our cloud-based Mixed Reality tools, or license one of our managed Mixed Reality servers.
contextual intelligence
People and their mobile phones are always on the move. Imersia's Mixed Reality platform understands the context of an individual in time and place, and tailors the experience to match. Reach a person when they are most receptive to your brand, and a positive decision is much more likely.
realtime analytics
The most important part of a campaign is knowing how people reacted. However, analytics after-the-fact are only useful for the next campaign. Imersia's analytics engine works in realtime, meaning the experiences can be automated and tweaked to maximise the effects.
With any new medium, it is hard to know what is possible, and the most effective strategy.  Our Mixed Reality experts engage with you early in the ideation phase, guiding your understanding of the capabilities, and exploring potential, always with the question of: "How best to reach your customers" in mind.
design and development
Our design and development experts specialise in mobile experience creation.  An important aspect of engagement is the effective use of 'gamification', making your brand message interactive and fun.  Choose either from a bespoke mobile App, or a zero-download, browser-based experience.
mobile digital strategy
Mixed Reality often requires a 'newer' smartphone for the advanced 3D graphics.  However, your customers with older phones are not left out, with location-aware, interactive experiences also available through a standard mobile web browser.  Reach the largest segment of your target market with your message through the device they have with them most often.

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We are ready to work with you to reach your customers in new and imaginative ways. Please contact us at info@imersia.com.