Lucky Fortune 3D Scratchie mobile AR with analytics.

The lotteries commission of New Zealand produces Scratchie cards of various designs where a simple ‘game’ is played by scratching off the surface of the card. The player can win prizes up to $10,000. Lotto was keen to bring Augmented Reality into the player experience so that people could use their mobile phones to play a simple AR game instead of scratching the card.

Problem: The game had to be compelling and fun, whilst adhering to the general spirit of the scratchie card. Further, it had to work well on a range of devices, not just the newest ones, it had to integrate with their systems to determine whether a specific ticket was a winning one or not, and it was important to gather analytics about how people were playing the game.

Solution: Together with Solnet, a key System Integrator in New Zealand, we used a combination of off-the-shelf AR development tools with the Imersia cloud technologies to produce a hybrid app with a compelling gameplay. Significant time and effort was spent on the design phase exploring different possible game styles before any programming was embarked on, and the testing phase across multiple devices, both iOS and Android.

Results: The exact statistics for this project are property of Lotto NZ. In summary, however, immediately, from the initial soft-launch, many people across New Zealand played the game. Of these, approximately a third played the game more than once. When the advertising campaign started, these numbers more than doubled. The number of tickets sold was significantly more than the previous volume of the same type of ticket the year before.

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